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ORI and The ITC

ORI succeeds in putting owners’ rights and the “first sale” principle squarely on the table in the context of international trade. The International Trade Commission (ITC) issued its report on “Trade Barriers That U.S. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Perceive As Affecting Exports to the European Union”.  The report, which catalogues EU trade barriers, is the culmination of an investigation intended to provide USTR with information relevant to the ongoing the TTIP negotiations with the EU.  Thanks to ORI’s participation in the ITC’s investigation, the ITC report’s list of EU trade barriers specifically includes “excessive rights of original trademark owner” as …

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ORI Celebrates Copyright Week

“You Bought It, You Own It” seems fairly self-evident when talking about goods that consumers purchase and their ability to lend, share, resell or just give away to charity.  But in a world where rights holders are licensing more and more of those goods it is a phrase that will become a rallying cry.  This is becoming more important as physical goods contain a necessary software component and as rights holders require relicensing of those components every time the good is resold.  Whether it’s your laptop, a phone system in your office, or the refrigerator in your home, those goods, without that software …

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A Victory for Owners’ Rights!

 Owners’ Rights Initiative Applauds Supreme Court Decision in Kirtsaeng v. Wiley Case  March 19, Washington, D.C. – The Owners’ Rights Initiative (ORI) issued the following statement today after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 6-3 opinion in favor of Kirtsaeng, reversing the Second Circuit Court decision. The majority opinion, authored by Justice Breyer, clearly affirmed that the Copyright Act was not intended, and cannot be misconstrued, to limit the distribution of authentic goods. Andrew Shore, Executive Director of ORI said: “ORI is gratified by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Supap Kirtsaeng in this important copyright case. This …

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